Office 3D Visualization

Office 3D rendering

Office 3D visualization project

We worked on this stylish office 3D visualization project for the Belgian workspace design studio MERAKI in 2021. The first project done together with this studio it was a test for our future collaboration. As usual, we received a detailed design briefing including a mix of 3D and 2D elements. 3D was a base build of the space in Sketchup and 2D was a schedule furniture and finishes in PDF.

After that we imported the client’s Sketchup file into 3ds Max and used it as a blueprint for our model. Once the model’s geometry was built – we filled it with furniture and applied the finishes from the schedule. Then we lit our scene using both natural lighting coming from outside through the windows and artificial lighting. Finally, we rendered out the first drafts in a good enough resolution for the client to review this office 3D visualization.

Workspace 3D rendering agency

Following that the client reviewed our drafts and gave us his feedback twice. Each time we adapt the scene and render new drafts. After the second markup we make the prefinal drafts with characters. The goal of these prefinal drafts is to definitely confirm everything for the HD rendering of this office 3D visualization .

nofuss 3D rendering

Everybody knows that 3D rendering can become quite a hassle. In order to do it yourself you need to have the appropriate resources. These resources include hardware, software, manpower, and time. Since architectural design project timelines are usually very short – designers’ time could be better spent elsewhere. Our nofuss agency frees designers from this hassle, allowing them to focus on their designs.

Workspace breakout area

At nofuss we specialize in and love rendering such highly detailed commercial interiors. Whenever necessary this also includes merchandise, branding and post-production with character integration. Are you interested in other office 3D visualization projects? If so – check out this coworking interior design this or these colorful coworking 3D renders.

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