Coworking 3D Renders

Coworking space 3D render

Coworking 3D renders

We produced these colorful coworking 3D renders of an office space called Wojo for our French clients Artdesk Group. The goal was to create a bright and focused atmosphere for young urban professionals.

One of the central themes in this fresh office design project is street culture. This means an abundance of outdoorsy elements such as sneakers, skateboards, a streetlamp, and a wall covered with playing field graphics.

The mood in the reception of this project is cool and collected. Only a few accents such as the contrasting seating zones, and an oversize moooi lamp stand out. Such accents visually tie this visual in with the other colorful coworking 3D renders we made.

The meeting room’s mood is cozier and more playful with its vibrant color scheme and skateboards. The main working space is elegant and takes full advantage of a large glass partition leading to the courtyard.

Coworking space atmosphere

One of our main tasks in every project is to create an appropriate atmosphere with the use of lighting, accessories, and character integration. Therefore, on each of these colorful coworking 3D renders you can see examples of people using the space.

Colorful meeting room 3D render

However, we were careful not to overload these colorful coworking 3D renders with too many people distracting us from the design. But even where there are no visible people – their presence is suggested by the computers, cups and bags they might have left behind.

Another good way to use character silhouettes is to visually balance out the composition of your views. Sometimes you might need to add a bright accent or to break up a monotonous surface which takes up a significant portion of your shot. In some cases, we even use characters to cover up unfinished design details.

Because our clients often work under very tight deadlines – it is easier for them to focus on the global look and feel and leave some of the detailing to us.

nofuss office visualization

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Colorful coworking 3D rendering