Coworking Interior Design

Coworking 3D visualization by nofuss

Coworking interior design concept

DG06 is a coworking interior design concept created by the Belgian studio Twodesigners. Instead of doing this project for a particular client they did it to demonstrate their design experience.

For the studio it was an exercise in spatial thinking, designed to promote their professional services. Thus, they aimed to attract new potential clients interested in similar types of projects. To be able to promote it they reached out to us and commissioned these awesome 3D visuals.

Workspace interior design 3D render
Realistic coworking space visualization
Office interior design project

Interior design 3D visualization

The core expertise of our nofuss agency lies in the 3D visualization of commercial architecture. This includes hospitality, retail, and workplace projects, such as this coworking interior design. Therefore, we immediately knew which rendering style would best fit this contemporary, colorful, and playful design scheme.

For a briefing we started off with a Sketchup model, which we imported and refined in 3ds Max. As usual, all the furniture and décor were either found in libraries or modeled from scratch according to the specifications. After two draft rounds the design was approved, and we filled our visuals with cutout characters to make them livelier. We tried to show people in realistic working positions – communicating in groups, looking at screens or reading magazines. In our opinion, the integrated characters add a lot of atmosphere to this coworking interior design.

Workspace architectural 3D visualization

Hassle-free 3D rendering

At nofuss we take pride in the ease of our hassle-free 3D rendering process. For our clients we make it as straightforward as possible to communicate their design to us. In turn we make their design look as good as we possibly can.

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Otherwise just get in touch with us right now for a no fuss experience!

Office interior 3D visualisation scene