New Orleans Airport

Lounge bar 3D rendering

New Orleans airport lounge design

This project at the New Orleans airport never came to be, but we love this design anyway. That is why we decided to showcase our visuals of this funky interior scheme by SmartDesign Group. The scope consists of a private lounge bar on the second floor of an airport hallway. Bright geometric floors, rich marble countertops and elegant furniture await the visitors. An oversize colorful artwork in pop style opposite the bar is the main focal point of this space. A backdrop of shiny black tile in a herringbone pattern further accentuates this bright splash of color.

Airport lounge details visualization

When working on this New Orleans airport, we paid a lot of attention to detailing our 3D visuals. As usual you can see many people of different demographics filling the spaces. Some are sitting down; some are walking by. There is personnel behind the counters, food and beverage on some of the tables. Most people are travelling in pairs or in groups. Some are carrying their luggage, others having telephone conversation. All these little details constitute essential parts of storytelling, which is essential to make 3D renders come alive.

Busy bar 3D visualization

How nofuss helps their clients

At nofuss we are specialists in the 3D visualization of airport interiors such as this New Orleans airport project. This includes not only bars and lounges, but also restaurants, food courts, retail, and waiting areas etc. For instance, in our largest airport visualization project we produced a total of 44 interior and exterior 3D renderings. This was done in a timeframe of just under three weeks.

We work under such tight timeframes because we understand that most of our clients participate in a lot of competitions. When preparing a pitch, the design development usually must run in parallel with the visualization process. Therefore, we are used to working on projects in progressive phases spread out in time. These phases include greyscale geometry buildup, lighting the scene, texturing (applying materials and finishes) and post-production. We can assign multiple artists on different zones of a project and move various modeling tasks forward in parallel.

Hiring the right freelance 3D artist

To sum up: make sure to hire the right freelance 3D artist for you needs! Otherwise check out this realistic 3D rendering project.

New Orleans airport axonometric 3D render