Manchester Airport

Airport beer bar

In this airport beer bar 3D rendering project for SmartDesign Group in Manchester we visualized two beverage concepts. Firstly, there is the Amber Alley which is a modern take on the retro speakeasy format. Manchester’s clubbing scene and particularly the Hacienda inspired this nightclub and music venue.

Behind the bar there is an old school TV installation. To enhance the musical concept, the screens all show different loops of music videos. Glowing columns rise between the shelves and turn into futuristic energy beams running along the ceiling. By the way, did you notice the destabilizing feeling this angular installation induces?

In the view to the left you can also see how this hip venue looks from the airport’s hallway. We don’t usually do vertical shots, but in this case, it was necessary to capture the magnificent glazed roof. Music themed visuals cover the bottom half of this window and give privacy to the customers. However, the top half is transparent and therefore gives you a hint of this beer bar 3D interior.

Bar 3D renderings

Secondly, there is the Amber Alehouse. Contrary to the Alley it is a more laid-back place inspired by the spirit of rebellion. In these beer bar 3D renderings you can see the roughness of historical Manchester of the 70s to the 90s. Therefore, much like in this industrial city there is a prevalence of steel girders, exposed brick walls and copper piping.

In fact, this space is quite exquisite in terms of its grunginess. Rough, honest materials serve as a backdrop to graffiti-like visuals on the walls and beer kegs. Between them just above the counter, large luminous letters spell the bar’s name. As usual, we integrated the staff dressed in black and white uniforms with the house logos on them.

Finally, most of the visitors in our beer bar 3Ds are also quite neutral, except for the lady in a red dress on the foreground. To quote Morpheus from the original Matrix movie: “Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?”

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Airport beer bar 3D
Oldschool beer bar 3D render