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Beauty salon 3D renderings

We worked on these stylish beauty salon 3D renderings for the Belgian interior design studio FIVE AM in 2020. When working on such elegant designs with nuanced materials and subtle color palettes visualization is crucial. Therefore, if you outsource the production of your 3D visuals – you have to choose the appropriate artist. The geometry of this project is quite straightforward, so even a junior artist would be able to model it correctly.

However, when it comes to materials, colors and lighting – more experience is required to get them right. In our nofuss team we have many artists, but they all have the skills required to interpret a design briefing. Obviously, it also helps when the client provides clear color and material references, preferably including a link to the manufacturer. This was the case with this beauty salon 3D rendering project, which is evident in the final result.

Beauty salon interior design

nofuss 3D rendering

Everybody knows that 3D rendering can become quite a hassle. In order to do it yourself you need to have the appropriate resources. These resources include not only hardware, software and manpower, but also time. Since the project timelines in the architectural field are usually quite short – designers’ time could better be spent elsewhere. We call our agency nofuss because we take this hassle away from designers, allowing them to focus on their designs.

At nofuss we are specialized and love rendering such highly detailed commercial interiors. Whenever necessary this also includes merchandise, branding and post-production with character integration. Do you like this beauty salon 3D rendering project? If so – discover these cool candy store 3D visuals or this concept store 3D rendering project.

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Realistic beauty salon 3D rendering
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