Milanord Shopping Center

Shopping center 3D

Milanord shopping center

We completed this shopping center 3D rendering project for our client Brainjuice. They are a creative agency specialized in designing high value-added places.
This shopping center in Milan will be a dynamic and strategically well-located retail and leisure destination. For instance, it will house 98,500m2 of retail stores and 10,000m2 of restaurants, cafés, and bars.

The 41,000m2 Sky Plaza will host free, open-air games and sports activities along with many cultural events. These include a Trampoline Park, Surf Wave Pool, Skate Park and Ice Rink with construction expected to complete in 2022.

The 3D renders

Firstly, the food market is by far the most detailed shopping center 3D render of this project. It contains dozens of different gastronomic stalls in the foreground and several luxury boutiques in the background.

Secondly, another beautiful render from this project on which you can see a fashion and café space. Our goal with it was to simulate an outdoor pre-sunset lighting inside. For that we used an artificial ceiling light with a sky image printed on it.

Shopping center atmosphere

Almost all of us go to shopping malls from time to time. Every day that makes for thousands of people looking to buy food, clothes or whatever else they need. Therefore, our goal her was to recreate this busy hustling and bustling atmosphere in our renderings. We did this by adding a crowd of people in post-production.

We also highlighted design features such as hanging lounge balls, a huge screen, and others. One way you can highlight elements in your 3D renderings is with glossy materials and warm lighting.
This exterior view of this shopping center 3D project is alive with vibrant greenery and a soft natural light. Here, the people also add a feeling of realism with their logical placement. For example, their placement illustrates the exterior furniture usage.

To know more

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Shopping 3D render
Exterior mall 3D
Aerial 3D render