Interior Design Rendering

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What is interior design rendering?

Before computers interior design rendering meant a number of techniques used to visually represent an interior. However, today it usually means interior design 3D visualization. 3D visualization is the process of creating CGIs of a design project. It is a subsegment of the broader 3D architectural visualization field. Thus, architectural visualization comprises both exterior and interior 3D rendering. Interior design rendering focuses solely on the latter.

Different designers have different approaches to interior design rendering. Some prefer to do it themselves; some outsource to professionals and others simply shun it. It is a labor-intensive process. Therefore, not everyone is convinced that it is worth the necessary time and money. So why should you care about the 3D rendering of your projects?

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Why do 3D rendering?

Visualizing your design projects in 3D has a number of distinct advantages:

  • It saves time and money on design decisions. Things tend to pop up during 3D rendering. Things you might not have noticed when working in 2D. These things are easier to correct in the project development phase than in the project build phase.
  • Interior design rendering makes your client understand your design. Not all people are adept at reading 2D plans. Most people are visually oriented. Therefore, they tend to read images much better than blueprints. When they see a beautifully rendered 3D they understand you better.
  • It helps you to market and sell your work. Even after you present your project to your client you might need to promote it. It is not always easy to take photos of the finished build. Sometimes those photos will not be as good as your concept. In that case you can always rely on the use of 3D to market your services.
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How to render interior design?

At nofuss we use a workflow of 3ds Max with Corona Renderer for interior design rendering. Then we do post production and add 2D characters in Photoshop. Some visualizers might prefer other tools to do this job. But for us such a workflow is the most advantageous. For us it ensures access to large professional 3D model libraries as well as consistency between all of our 3D artists.

This allows us to produce both realistic 3D rendering and atmospheric 3D rendering. To benefit from our interior design rendering services – get in touch with us to see how we can help you!