Atmospheric 3D Rendering

Laundromat cafe 3D visualization

What is an atmospheric 3D rendering?

What does it mean to produce an atmospheric 3D rendering? At nofuss we receive many such requests, so it is no secret for us! In a rendering the atmosphere constitutes a combination of several different factors. These factors include design, lighting and postproduction.

As 3D visualizers we do not have any influence over the design briefing that we receive. However, we do have some control over the lighting and the postproduction of our visuals. In this project the client wanted us to present two lighting atmospheres for the two uses of the program. The first one was daytime lighting to illustrate the laundromat function of the space. The second one was nighttime lighting to show how the space turns into a classy bar in the evening. Therefore, in this atmospheric 3D rendering project you can see both of these lighting setups side by side.

Evening interior lighting visualization
Atmospheric 3D rendering example
Interior design 3D visual

Atmospheric 3D rendering postproduction

Apart from using the correct lighting you also need postproduction to achieve an atmospheric 3D rendering. The most important aspect of the postproduction is character integration. When integrating characters, it is vital to use appropriate demographics. This means that the characters inhabiting your visuals should fit the program in terms of their age, race and style. Keep in mind that depending on the type of space and its location – the visitor demographics will differ.

On top of the demographics you should also pay attention to the activities those people take part in. Here you can either see the staff serving customers or customers sitting down enjoying conversations and drinks. Some customers are also walking to and from their places in the café. One lady is impatiently checking the remaining time of her washing cycle.

Laundromat 3D visualization
Atmospheric 3D rendering
Daytime atmospheric 3D rendering
Evening atmospheric 3D rendering

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