Cortoos Butcher Shop

Commercial interior design renders

Interior design 3D rendering

At nofuss 3D rendering studio we know all about providing quality interior design visualization services. We did this project in 2018 for our very first client – the Belgian retail design company Frigomil.

Frigomil specializes in producing custom refrigerated counters and offer complete shop fit out solutions. Their services include both design and construction and we are their exclusive 3D visualization supplier since 2015.

Retail design project visualization

In retail design project visualization it is essential to take into consideration the shop type and the merchandise zoning. By this we mean respecting the shelving layout proposed by the designer.

Since Frigomil’s projects include a lot of butcher shops and bakeries – we have put together extensive libraries of both meat and bakery products. In this project you see just a fraction of the options we have to offer.

Butcher shop 3D visualization
Realistic retail 3D render
nofuss interior design 3d rendering services

nofuss 3D rendering studio

When you contact a 3D rendering studio like nofuss – you don’t have to worry about explaining each and every little detail of your design. As long as they are clearly indicated on the design documents in your briefing, our artists will follow them to the letter.

In fact, at nofuss we know our clients so well that most of the design specs, recurring from project to project no longer have to be repeated. Extra bonus: this allows everyone to save time by working faster! Thus, we become an integral part of your own team in the role of the 3D visualization department, but only when you need us.

Interior design specialization

Even though we are a 3D rendering studio specialized in commercial interior design, we do much more than that. We also visualize residential interiors, products and exteriors. Whatever your request might be – we are flexible enough to accommodate it.

If you would like to know more read about nofuss or discover our nofuss process in more detail.

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