Cofique Coffee Shop

Coffee shop project

In this pop-up coffee shop visualization project our client CBA tasked us with creating a cozy lounge atmosphere. However, the challenge was placing it in an atrium of a Saudi Arabian shopping mall.

Since our client only focused on the Cofique café spot – we had to come up with an appropriate environment. To turn this challenge into an advantage we selected a warm and neutral shopping mall project. It served as a perfect backdrop for integrating this trendy café.

Cofique cafe in Saudi Arabia 3D render

Pop-up design elements

The main counter is mainly concrete but features bright colored mirrors on either end of it. Above it – a cantilever canopy with a lush garden on top of it. Wooden furniture with soft textile seating gives warmth to the space. LED-strip menus and test tube displays on the back wall add a cool and futuristic twist to it.

The top views show the colorful gradient of the roofs glazing and the lush artificial planting on it. The major challenge of this pop-up coffee shop project was to replicate all the color gradients provided by the client. In order to do it on all the transparent, reflective and emitting surfaces a detailed material set up was required in the scene as well as a meticulous color correction in post-production.

Project atmosphere

Most often than not we integrate some 2D people into our 3D renders. When doing this we remain sensitive to the cultural differences between regions, companies, and social groups. Since this pop-up coffee shop is in the Middle East – we used the appropriate characters.

Apart from this, the target audiences of various design projects are obviously different. Younger, hipper people might frequent one type of establishments. Older, wealthier people would be more likely to frequent another. Consequently, we would fill a skate park and an investment bank with totally different characters.

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Top view 3D rendering of a kiosk
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