Workspace 3D Rendering

Workspace 3D rendering

Workspace 3D rendering

There are many 3D visualization studios, but few of them are good at workspace 3D rendering. What differentiates us from other visualizers you might ask?

Firstly, most 3D artists prefer exterior visualization projects. For some reason they consider them better than interior projects. But since our founder has an interior design background – this is not the case with us! Therefore, we mostly produce interior 3D renderings and take pride in that.

Secondly, even if a 3D artist does a lot of interior renderings, it does not mean that he has office visualization experience. Most interior visualization projects we see on the internet are residential and not commercial.

Office design visualization

Workspace 3D rendering experts

We specialize in producing renderings of highly detailed commercial interiors, which include office space. Many of our clients are office design companies. Hence, over the years we have produced hundreds of visuals for dozens of office design projects.

Aside from the design details, which are important in any visualization project, office visualization has several particularities. For instance, in workspace 3D rendering it is crucial to create the right atmosphere. This is accomplished by integrating appropriate characters interacting with the space.

These characters should be working at their desks, walking around the different areas, and conversing with each other. Some can be sitting down in relaxation areas, working on their laptops and smartphones, or reading magazines.

Workplace 3D visual

nofuss 3D visualization

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