Restaurant 3D Rendering

Stylish restaurant 3D rendering

What is restaurant 3D rendering?

Restaurant 3D rendering is a specific part in the broader domain of commercial interior design visualization. Nevertheless, commercial interior design visualization is a subdomain of the general archviz field.

In fact, archviz consists of exterior and interior visualization. Interior visualization can be residential or commercial. Commercial interior 3D rendering includes workspace, retail, and hospitality.

Hospitality visualization means producing 3D visuals of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. This Steamboat restaurant is part of a chalet complex located in the French Alps.

Interior design visualization

Steamboat restaurant 3D rendering

This is a very traditional project. Therefore, the material palette is natural and inspired by the surrounding mountains. Consequently, there is an abundance of wood, combined with rough stone and fur accents.

However, when doing restaurant 3D rendering several factors are important to keep in mind. Thus, aside from the usual aspects of any visualization project such as materials and lighting, some specific factors also must be taken into consideration. Obviously, these include decoration and table setting.

To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere we placed candlesticks with candles on every table. We placed fir branches on some of them. We also decorated the armchairs with cowhide pillows and placed fur covers on some chairs.

Alpine Lodges 3D visual

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