Real Estate Rendering

nofuss 3D rendering

What is real estate rendering?

Real estate rendering or visualization is the practice of presenting construction projects as 3D visuals. It helps potential investors get a better understanding of a project. A high-quality visualization will let you feel like you’re physically present in a space. This can eliminate the need to travel to every object and bring the space forward in time.

It eliminates the need to travel because such 3D visuals can be easily distributed and viewed online. It projects the space into the future because during their production the space might not yet be finished. Furthermore, the entire building might not even yet be built!

Thus, real estate rendering can take on many forms, including still images, animations, virtual tours or even VR/AR.

Efficient 3D visualization

Uses of real estate rendering

Wondering who might have a use for all these techniques? In the previous section we explained how they are beneficial to buyers. It helps them imagine the final look of an architectural project between the design and build phases.

However, 3D visualization is usually even more beneficial to sellers. These include designers, architects, real estate developers and agents. Time is essential for these construction professionals. They aim to shorten their sales cycles, so the sooner they can start selling a property – the better.

That is why a high-quality real estate rendering can be a real game changer in this field.

Real estate rendering project

nofuss 3D rendering

At nofuss we are particularly skilled at producing static visuals and animations. We produced these real estate renderings for a Netherlands based design and build company called Mirato Totaalprojecten. They designed the space and commissioned us to make these 3D visuals for their client. Consequently, their client used it to promote their real estate development project.

In the same spirit, feel free to check out this residential 3D rendering project. Do you also have a design that you would like to present in the form of quality real estate rendering? Then don’t wait and contact nofuss right now to see how we can help!